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What schools are saying

Report it a trusted and respected leader of anonymous school safety hotline services within the education community.

The Baltimore Sun
In an anonymous report a student mentioned to his friend he was depressed and considered hurting himself. The school contacted the student's parents, and the student received counseling.
"That's quite a nice feeling when you think you saved a life, and we wouldn't have been able to do that without that system (Report-it)," Richman said. "It allowed us to intervene in a positive sense."
Dr. John Richman, Superintendent
Plainedge School District, NY
Sun Newspapers
"We have had available to our students for the past 1 1/2 years. We think it has been a tremendous success and is one more tool we use to keep our kids safe."
Michael E. Fineran, School Resource Officer
Eagan High School, MN
Time to Act
"We need to know about anything that makes it difficult for a student to learn. We want to be proactive instead of reactive."
Deann Allen, Ph.D., Instructional Supervisor
Clay County Public Schools, KY
New York State School Board News
"We had a hot line, but the cost of operating it all the time became prohibitive," Ted Peterson, the high school principal, told Education World. "We decided to try Report-It. The anonymity factor convinced us to go with it."
Ted Peterson, Principal
Poughkeepsie High School, NY
According to Eyewitness News, reporter Lynsey Paulo:
In just one month, Lakeville district officials credit it ( with alerting them to at least two students thinking about suicide. They got help. The school has also received tips (through Report-it) about drug deals and other criminal activity.
Lakeville High School, MN