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See it... Hear it... Suspect it... report it now! Acts of Violence, Alcohol Abuse, Bullying, Drug Abuse, Harassment, Hazing, Safety Issues, Substance Abuse, Suicide, Theft, Threats, Vandalism, Weapons

Ten Reasons

Comments by Robert Schmidt
President of the Connecticut School Counselor Association 1996-1997
President of the Connecticut Counseling Association 1998-1999
  1. This web site is well thought out and contains pertinent information for crisis intervention and prevention. It is based on the premise that students are the eyes and the ears of every school and essentially hold the key to their own safety.
  2. Enrollment with will itself be a deterrent for potential acts of violence, drugs or weapons.
  3. Young people are often suspicious and intimidated by telephone ‘hot lines’. They are afraid their voice may be recognized, their call could be traced or the receiving party may have ‘Caller ID’.
  4. Incidences, such as those in Colorado and Georgia, can occur anywhere. We must intensify our efforts to protect our students.
  5. We need to take advantage of every reasonable means to reduce the prevalent use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs in our nations schools. can aid in determining the who, how and where these products are bought and sold.
  6. The use of this technology affords the reporter: accessibility, comfort, confidentiality and total anonymity.
  7. There may be instances when students may feel that they are putting themselves in danger by reporting a drug pusher or an individual with a weapon. Ideally, students would report directly to their administrator or counselor with these concerns. However, the fear of retaliation and/or peer pressure can sometimes prohibit students from doing the right thing. makes it easier for people to do the right thing.
  8. When it appears that responsibility is synonymous with adulthood, young people get in the habit of turning their heads and leaving it up to someone else to be responsible. empowers the student to take the responsibility to keep their school safe and drug free.
  9. Some students may choose to abuse the service by false reporting. If an incident occurs and the report is investigated by using the recommended procedures, false reporting will be held to a minimum. Students must be made to understand from the onset and with repeated positive reinforcement that this service used effectively can save lives and must be taken seriously.
  10. This is an effective and inexpensive way for school administrators, parents and the community to protect themselves in the event of an incident. They can feel confident that every resource was utilized to protect their students.